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P3 – Making Assessments According to Standards

P3 – Practice standards-based assessment. To me, P3 means that I make varied assessments for the standards that are given to me by my school for the classes that I teach.

Below are the learning targets for one of my units in Life Science. For the 3rd,4th, and 5th learning targets, I decided to assess my students on these by having them make a poster of the digestive system and then they presented and explained it to a group of their classmates. I had a rubric to grade the poster and presentation.

P3 Evidence

For the rest of the standards, I will assess the students’ knowledge from a written assessment. I like using varied assessments for standards because it gives my diverse students various ways to show me their knowledge.

A couple of weeks ago, I observed a colleague of mine who was teaching a 7th grade literature and writing class. They were practicing their version of Shakespeare’s “A Mid-Summers Night’s Dream”. The standards the teacher is assessing for this project are:

Learning Objectives for two classes


1) The student will study a Shakespearean Drama in depth including analysis of language.

2) The student will perform the drama in the appropriate setting.


1) The student will plan, write, edit, and revise a script.

2) The student will collaborate with peers to complete the revision process.

The teacher divided “A Mid-Summers Nights Dream” between all students in the class. They needed to re-write their assigned section of the book in their own words, in play form. Next, one of the students collated all of the students’ work into one script. They auditioned for parts, made props, and performed it for the school outside.

What I learned from this observation is that this teacher had a creative way and goal for his students to read, discuss, and then write Shakespeare in their own words. Then, the students memorized lines and performed it for others. I don’t know how I could apply this to science, but it has got me thinking about how I could do something like this.