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Course Reflection – General Inquiry, Teaching & Assessment Methods

P1- Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction. To me, P1 means time is given for the planning of classroom activities while being purposeful about meeting student needs. I will have English Language Learners (ELLs) in my classroom this year. I appreciated learning about strategies to help ELLs learn vocabulary, specifically science vocabulary. For my class “General Inquiry, Teaching and Assessment Methods”, I needed to incorporate an ELL strategy in my final lesson plan. This part of the lesson plan is shown above.

Claire Sibold, in her article “Building English Language Learners Academic Vocabulary Strategies and Tips”, I found many strategies for helping ELL students. The strategy in the above lesson plan is PAVE (Presentation, Association, Verification, and Evaluation). In this strategy, all students will come up with other words that they will associate with the vocabulary they are learning that day, which is organelles of a cell. An example is the word ‘mitochondria’. Words that can be associated with ‘mitochondria’ are ‘mighty’ and ‘powerful’ since mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell supplying energy.

As students think of their own association words with mitochondria, they will remember the word and its meaning. If students are still having difficulty with the new vocabulary, I can try one of the other strategies suggested in the article.

From this class, I have more tools in which to help my English Language Learning Students and I look forward to practicing them this school year.