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H5 – Extracurricular Activity Roots & Shoots

H5 – Honor student potential roles in the greater society. For me, H5 means that I will encourage students as they serve others inside and outside the school community, and help them think of projects that we as a community group can be involved.

I am one of the teachers that help to guide and sponsor the Roots and Shoots after school activity which seeks to serve the Sarajevo community. One of our projects this year has been to donate clothing and hygiene products to the Sarajevo Daily Youth Center. This center provides shelter for homeless children or those who need a place to go during the day. Below is an article for the school newsletter that a student wrote. This student is the main contact from our school to the center. He calls and arranges our visits.

R & S pbort2

I have learned to take a secondary role in the activities we do and to encourage student ownership and accomplishment as I want the initiative to come from the students. It is my hope that the students will continue this giving of their time to serve others in their future.

If I lead a community service group again, I will have the students investigate what other schools do for projects to get more ideas of what our group could do for the next school year.

for projects to help get more ideas for projects we could do.