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Meta Reflection for EDTC 6433

P4 – Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction. To me, P4 means that I will be exploring and trying new technology that will enhance student learning in my classroom.

As I look back in my syllabus for EDTC 6433, the goal of the class is, “to improve your proficiency with current and emerging educational technologies that can enhance your instruction, assessment, and professional productivity”. I can say that this class has achieved this goal and increased my proficiency and knowledge in technology in the area of education.

First, our class was in a Google plus community, sharing questions and resources on each of the ISTE Standards. I will be able to go back and access these resources at any time. Also, we were assigned a project for this course and we could choose a Digital Storytelling project or a WebQuest. I choose to do a WebQuest as I thought it related to my field of science and would be a project I would assign in one of my classes. The link to my WebQuest is:

The last area we looked at was online professional communities. Resources and tools on the internet can be so overwhelming, so these communities are a great place to connect with others in our content areas. I know I will be using the things I have learned in this class to enhance my instruction and I also have the courage to try new things and explore more communities on the internet. Thank you EDTC 6433!