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Learning Your Context – School and Students

E3 – Exemplify an understanding of professional responsibilities and policies. To me, E3 means to show a growing knowledge of policies and issues that relate to the skills of being an educator.

Growing in professionalism in education is vital because there are always new policies or issues to be aware of so that we can do our job better. An area that came to my attention in my Professional Issues class was researching the context of my school and some of my students. For a paper for my class, I found out more about the founding of Quality Schools International (QSI), its emphasis on Mastery Learning, and its emphasis on success orientations, which are character qualities. Also, I looked at the application and file for two of my students, broadening my understanding of their background and particular needs.  At the end of this post, I have put a portion of my paper about two of my students.

These two students are struggling at QSI, not only in my class, and just recently their teachers met with the students’ parents to speak to them about their child and to talk about how we can all work together to make their child successful at QSI. Because of my research and special interest in these students, I had already been thinking about some of the issues talked about which was helpful in our meeting. It was wonderful for me to see the parents and teachers working together and make an action plan to help foster successfulness in learning for these two particular students.

In conclusion, when I move to my next educational setting, I will research its history and particular policies. Also, when I have students that seem to come from unusual backgrounds or have special needs, I plan on also finding out more about them so I can better know how to encourage them in their success in learning.

Evidence for E3 b portfolio