O1 – Offering An Organized Curriculum

O1 – Offer an organized curriculum aligned to standards and outcomes. To me, O1 means that as I plan classroom activities and assessments, I will consider the learning targets and unit outcomes given to me.

As I plan instruction and classroom activities for my students, I have the learning targets for the unit in front of me as my guide. Below is an example of a unit from Biology.

O1 Evidence 1

For my last unit in Biology, which is Ecology, instruction and classroom activities are centered around making a portfolio. The final portfolio will be assessed for their unit grade. An example of one assignment in the portfolio is to make a diagram/poster of a food web. The learning target for this activity is as follows:

The Student Will describe how energy flows and matter cycles in living systems and relate that to the roles that organisms play in those systems.

The lesson began by a discussion about what is a producer and a consumer. Then we talked about the different types of consumers. I then gave instructions for their activity and the students went to work. Below is one of the posters a student made for this part of their portfolio.


I have learned that it is helpful to use my learning targets as a guide as I plan my curriculum. This insures that the students will do classroom activities that are focused on the learning guidelines given to me by my school. For the future, I will continue to search out kinesthetic and varied activities to increase student learning.


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