Internship Seminar Course Reflection

E2 – Exemplify collaboration within the school. To me, E2 means that the staff are in communication and work together to have a positive impact on student learning.

In my internship seminar class, one of my assignments was to write a “Family Engagement Plan” and I would like to highlight one of those experiences from my internship. In December, one of my colleagues organized a student intervention meeting with a parent and student. This particular student was falling behind in his work and was having some behavioral issues with other students. I, along with his other teachers, was invited to speak and interact with the parent at this meeting.

The meeting began confirming that this was organized because we want to see this student succeed and we want to do all we can to make this happen. Because of this attitude and atmosphere, the meeting was successful and ended with a plan of what this student will work on with the help of his teachers. Below is an excerpt of the summary of the meeting sent to his parents.


I learned that it is good to collaborate with fellow teachers if there are issues with a student. If one of us is having issues, it is most likely that others are as well. Calling a meeting with the parents is positive because they see that we care and want to see their child succeed. Because of this meeting, this student has caught up on his work and we are continuing to monitor his behavior with the other students. Because of this positive experience, I will not hesitate in the future, to be a part of this type of meeting.


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