Looking at MAP Scores of 7th Graders

Quality Schools International (QSI) uses Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to assess students in Language Arts and Math. MAP assessment measures student growth in an area over time. This assessment is a computer adaptive test.   This means the computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions for the student. Each question is based on how the student answered the previous questions, so each test is tailored to each student.

I will focus on the MAP scores for Informational Text for reading from September 2014 for 7th graders. This helps me to see how these students are reading their Life Science textbook. I am aware that the lower scoring students will not retain the information that they read in the text. This means I may need to help this by asking or posting questions before they read or I will have them write down important words or definitions from the text.

There are thirteen 7th graders for the Reading MAP results. I have all of these students in my Life Science class. Of these students, two have very low scores, both of them are at 1-4% reading level compared to other students their age. One of the students is at the 97-99% level in reading compared to others in 7th grade. A large portion of the students are at the 19-38% level compared to other students at their grade level.

In conclusion, it was very helpful for me to look at these MAP reading scores for the 7th grade students in my Life Science class. I am aware of some students who may need help in understanding the text book when they read it and I am aware of a couple of students who may need extra challenges so that they are not bored in class.


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