Characteristics of an Effective Educator

As you walk into a room of an effective educator, there will be an inviting atmosphere.  You may be welcomed into the classroom or asked about what happened at your soccer game the previous evening.  Those coming into the room feel safe, secure, and open.  Effective educators will use visual materials to entice their learners.  When you walk into the room there may be interesting posters on the wall, visual images or a video on a screen or they may have actual samples of what they will be learning about that particular class time.  If the topic is magnetism, magnets are at each desk and the educator guides the students to different activities as they discover properties about magnets.

Effective educators not only use visual stimulation but auditory as well.  As the educator speaks, students are interested to know what they will say. Through their voice, students can tell that the educator loves what he or she is talking about.  An effective educator uses questions to stimulate thinking about the subject area as well as assessing student progress with the material.  Effective educators have people skills that help them to listen to their students not only about the class but about life because educators care about the whole student and are available for them.

Lastly, an effective educator is in a process of learning and is not afraid to try new things.  Effective educators desire feedback and always can work to improve and change personally and professionally. 


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